Best and Worst of Psi

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Best Player:
Worst Player
Best Fighter:
Best Defender:
Best Attacker:
Best Alliance:
Worst Alliance:
Best Alliance Leader:
Worst Alliance Leader:
Best Player Profile:
Worst Player Profile:
Best Alliance Profile:
Worst Alliance Profile:
Best COA (alliance or player):
Best Player Name:
Worst Player Name:
Best Alliance Name:
Worst Alliance Name:
Biggest Simmer:
Best Simmer:
Biggest NOOB:

id say biggest NOOB is me for that title lol :eek:


Best Player: Straun
Worst Player: I've seen so much bad stuff, I don't even know
Best Fighter: Redundant. The best fighter IS the best player. There's no option but to fight.
Best Defender: 3dakar1
Best Attacker: Wilshereramsay
Best Alliance: Globo Gym
Worst Alliance: Vengeance/Band of Brothers
Best Alliance Leader: Annon
Worst Alliance Leader: Simon the Grey
Best Player Profile: Why666
Worst Player Profile: Anyone that floods it with "awards"
Best Alliance Profile: Revenge of Kronos
Worst Alliance Profile: Globo Gym, just cuz I'm too lazy to update it.
Best COA (alliance or player): Otateral :p
Best Player Name: FluffyPython88
Worst Player Name: stoner city
Best Alliance Name: Brotherhood of War
Worst Alliance Name: Anything with a number at the end of it
Biggest Simmer: Pajajaran
Best Simmer: wait... what!?
Biggest NOOB: No comment


Best Player: straun, top attacker and defender.
Worst Player: to many to list
Best Fighter: claybay
Best Defender: l0k1
Best Attacker: straun, what nice nukes he has
Best Alliance: jossy giants
Worst Alliance: vengeance/titans tribunal
Best Alliance Leader: haven't come across a good one yet much less the best
Worst Alliance Leader: Rosenqroits
Best Player Profile:AKmill88
Worst Player Profile: all the blank ones
Best Alliance Profile: Savage Subjugation
Worst Alliance Profile: Band of Brothers
Best COA (alliance or player):
Best Player Name: narlykid
Worst Player Name: imnvs
Best Alliance Name: death row
Worst Alliance Name: any with roman numerals
Biggest Simmer: leaf11
Best Simmer: leaf11
Biggest NOOB: guestdf1c20b2c3576f39ff8


Best Player: Straun (I guess)
Worst Player: Not enough space to list.
Best Fighter: Straun (I guess)
Best Defender: Claybay (That guy dealt with hundreds of attacks like it was nothing)
Best Attacker: Straunie poo
Best Alliance: Do you even have to ask? Jossy.
Worst Alliance: Warcry Legion (you guys are just food for later and you don't realize it or understand what I am saying probably)
Best Alliance Leader: Jossy leadership
Worst Alliance Leader: Warcry leadership
Best Player Profile: ThorThunderGod
Worst Player Profile: Dak, Sorry dak but what is this about the Hungarians???
Best Alliance Profile: They are all lame
Worst Alliance Profile: Globo Gym. You might have a lot of the big strong kids but like most bullies you don't know what to do when someone punches you back.
Best COA (alliance or player):
Best Player Name: HadesHeadies
Worst Player Name: G NATION
Best Alliance Name: Brotherhood of War
Worst Alliance Name: Jossy's Giants :D
Biggest Simmer: Leaf11 (Maxed out cities) He is also currently number 1 in simmer ranks but 73rd in fighter ranks. What you doing with all of those cities bro?
Best Simmer: Shivan
Biggest NOOB: ME :)

If you don't like what I have said please do something about it


Warcry won't be very tasty as food, at least not as tasty as Jossys