Best and Worst of Juktas


You are supposed to.. you are like 10x our size. At least we are still around.. unlike the former alliances you poached members from
poached? more like sent mms to all their best players saying "do you wanna join the CoOl KiDz?"
and then them getting on their knees and thanking the lord cause we already rimmed all their friends



lol id like a full list of players you guys have actually rimmed

Having them ghost or go into VM doesnt count!
here are some notables:
pandorax, mannyg, mechinafounder, dorkus, pythag, sir kipper, that other dude in 8th circle who kept talking and talking on the forums but was really bad in game (i found it: zane4), joe-d, praddyumn, torgaddon, humandrumroll, pacco46, jackiebrown

sorry got bored. too many conquests to sort through!

King David II

Dont remember if Ive done one of these already but here goes

Best Player: Peterpanic/ Whitey <3
Best Alliance: RA/Nuke
Best Alliance Leader: Swamp/check-mate
Worst Player: shadow.empyre
Worst Alliance: DW
Best Alliance Name: Radioactive
Worst Alliance Name: EMPYRE
Best Player Name: idk
Worst Player Name: jamesrussian
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