Beginner's protection

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With the use of gold, a player still under beginner's protection can attack other players without fear of retribution. This is an abuse of an aspect of the game which allow players a grace period to get started.

A suggestion: a player who attacks while still under beginner's protection should immediately lose beginner's protection.


Since some of the starting quests involve attacking, maybe you lose beginner's protection against whoever you attack? Or maybe you lose it completely if you attack outside a beginning quest.

Bigger issue with beginner's protection on WW islands as an end game strategy. Just like vacation mode doesn't affect WW cities, beginner's protection shouldn't. And probably not moral either since the cities are generally fairly well stacked.


The same little turd has been spying me non stop on behalf of his alliance.

My hunch is that the player created second account in this world (and mods, don't give me the "we watch for multiple account" because the cheaters are always light years ahead of you), then spawned on the same island as me to help his alliance op me (so far they are 0-for-1).

This is a loophole that needs closing.


Under Beginners Protection. Think Im the only player who plays on my Island. Will be 1500/2k vs 200 before everybodies shields are up & attempt attack missions.