Beast's guide to how to be stay alive for survive


There are much way to have great in Grepoolis, but all has inferior with mine.

First step to be is great, is to be great.

lloolaoohlahoalolaolhoahloal but you knew that alraddy.

Second step is divine envoy.
Mass product them.
Endless powerful because of this.

If not suitable five days, then two hours are need.

BUT WAIT, you can't forgot step four, the most best.

If you get a message with the licks in this, ACCEPT RIGHT FAST:
Charl said:
projectpayday=com/go/ 6433796
Copy and paste the link above into your browser but before u go to the site you must change the = sign and replace it with a dot. Once u are at there please scroll down to the bottom of the page where, u will see the sign up sheet. Sign-up and u will be credited 500 GOLD between 5-10 minutes. They are doing this because they are doing an ad and they are willing to give out 500 GOLD for it. You must be using a computer or laptop for it to work. YOU MAY USE A FAKE NAME OR EMAIL ADDRESS IF U LIKE AS LONG AS U SIGN UP U GET THE 500 GOLD AND IT SHOULD ERASE ALL WORRIES ABOUT THIS. IF U HAVE ALREADY COMPLETED THIS OFFER THEN U WILL NOT BE CREDITED FOR A SECOND TIME.

Over 500000 GOLD coins has been credited to over 1200+ players.

Step seven:
Be aware to research EVERY research is butt ready. BE BEST. NO HAPPEN WORRY FOR NOT. GAGAGAGHAHPAHPAHPAPAP!

If you cen follow those nine steeps, you are win.

Nekts, week, learn to leed and alliances! for top best filthy win!


lol never seen gagagap before. I wonder hot that laugh would sound irl.
This is how you win.
1.) build biremes
2.) send them 48 hours away
3.) send them back immediately after they land
4.) hope you snipe something