Battle Royale~Week 12 Voting

Which Entry is your Favorite?

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Which signature do you think is the best?

Voting Rules
-You are allowed only one vote per competition.
-No Campaigning for votes
-Artists must remain anonymous
-No voting for your own entry

Entry 1:

Entry 2:

Entry 3:
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Mr. Walleye

I should have added the disclaimer to not let it persuade your votes.

Also, we can't see entry 1 anymore.


I should have added the disclaimer to not let it persuade your votes.

Also, we can't see entry 1 anymore.
I got ya man, and I know you aren't trying to do that in anyway. I actually enjoy all the feedback I can get, I would really like CNC on every competition as soon as voting has closed.


Not so sure bout this CNC thing in competition... Especially before it's all said and done. It kinda pursuades votes IMO. I think CNC is best kept in the CNC thread. After the competition I think would be better if at all.
I think justifying your vote is okay, but I'm not a fan of the "grade." I think qualitative responses (rather than adding up scores) would benefit the creator and open the floor for discussion of the entries. For example, say the a few things each entry did well and not so well, then state your vote (or not). Just my opinion but hey


i voted for 2.... 2 reasons (HAHA)
to keep the votes closer and i like it

Infa Red

I like entry 4 the best. The fox :p

Anyway, since I do not know who did what, I sure hope no one takes my reasoning of my vote too personal.

I voted for #2 as it simply IMO showed the most graphical talent to create. And since this is about graphics, it won my vote.

Entry #3 though personally looked equally dope and visually appealing (if not better), yes, But this was just due to picking a good photo that went with the darkness, clouds, and lightning. And them lightning plug ins are played to me.. so.. yea. (just IMO) - But that soccer ball watermark thing is NICE DUDE !!!

Entry #1 imo was, eh.. don't really see the "umph" there. Constructive criticism is I can pick apart how it was created too easily, so the "magic" of how it is showing me what it is showing is simply not there.

Side note - Funny when the subject is sports... there isn't one white person in peoples graphic examples. Haha ! :p