Battle Royale~Week 11 Voting

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Which Entry is your Favorite?

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Which signature do you think is the best?

Voting Rules
-You are allowed only one vote per competition.
-No Campaigning for votes
-Artists must remain anonymous
-No voting for your own entry

Entry 1:

Entry 2:

Entry 3:
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Not surprised by the low turnout, this week was tough. All three entries went with a completely different approach, really cool to see. Good luck everyone!


CnC time!

Entry #1

Border: 7 (10) I can't say I like it... but it fits with the color theme.
Text: 6 (10) If I didn't know the theme for this week I would have thought it said "I Love Pood".
Lighting: 0 (15) No lighting attempted. I cannot exempt this from final grade.
Color: 15 (15) Color generally is coherent.
Design: 17 (35) No use of ROT. Focus of piece is not clear.
Detail: 1 (5) None that I can see... maybe I am missing something here?
Creativity: 2 (10) It is a burger plopped on a MacDonald's M on a colored background. I mean, I guess it fits the theme.

+6 for effort because like phil said it was a hard week.
TOTAL: 55/100

Entry #2

Border: 3 (10) Too thick, and white borders really defeat the purpose of the border (to enclose).
Text: 8 (10) Simple, but fits the general idea of your piece.
Lighting: 0 (15) Again, not attempted.
Color: 12 (15) I think you were going more for humor than beauty here. Colors don't match, but it doesn't take away from the piece too much.
Design: 28 (35) Fits ROT.
Detail: 1 (5) Not really attempted.
Creativity: 7.5 (10) Funny.

TOTAL: 69.5/100

Entry #3

Border: 9 (10) Unconventional. But I like it.
Text: 7.5 (10) Good graphically, not sure what it is supposed to mean.
Lighting: 0 (15) Jeez, not attempted again. COME ON GRAPHIC GURUS! STEP IT UP!
Color: 15 (15) Great coherence.
Design: 35 (35) Fits ROT (both render AND text!!!)
Detail: 5 (5) Very nice!!!
Creativity: 8 (10) A talking pear. What's not to love? For me, 2 points is what.

TOTAL: 85.5/100

I feel like I am being too harsh. Please let me know.


Congratulations to runphilrun for winning Week 11 with entry 3!!!

He will be receiving his prize shortly


Thanks! Still feel old because the first thing i thought of was a meme from 2006 ):