Battle Royale (tmes85 vs amefeu)

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tmes85 vs amefeu
The Winner is tmes85!

Which signature do you think is the best?

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Entry 1:

Entry 2:
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Brutally honest CnC:

Entry 1 - Not a fan of the glare cutting right through the focus. Composition and style is excellent. Seems a bit washed out in general, though; I feel like the colors should be more intense, but are forcibly muted. The focus is dead-center as well. There is clear flow here, I feel like you could have leveraged that more by following the rule of thirds (at least a little closer to rule of thirds than dead center)

Entry 2 - I like where this was going but it could have used a bit more polish, especially around the cutout areas -- I still see white where the cuts were made (feathering the selection helps with this :) ) And in general I feel like you had the right idea and I like where it was going but maybe you were short on time.

Both entries are great! Sorry for picking them apart, but I warned you!