Band of Brothers - Masters of Mu


It has been a long 15 months since this server started and it is finally winding down with BoB as the Masters of MU!!!

We faced many alliances throughout that time and came out victorious against each one. We dominated this server from start to finish.

We started out a small alliance and gradually grew with each ocean we took and each enemy we vanquished. We gained many great players over time and lost some along the way as well. Each one of them helped BoB on our path to becoming Masters of this server.

It was a long journey from start to finish. There were some easy times and difficult times but BoB always persevered with dominance, as was our way. We brought our wrath to every ocean and defeated any alliance that stood in our path and showed time and time again why we are the dominant alliance. BoB is the best alliance I have ever been apart of and has many great players that helped the alliance climb, and stay, at the top of the server. It has been a privilege leading such a fine group of players to the end and an honor fighting alongside them all this time. We went through this server as the top tier alliance and we all got the ending we all worked for over the past year.

ALL HAIL BoB!!!!!!! MASTERS OF MU!!!!!!!