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To hand out ingame bans (for botting, multiaccounting etc) ingame moderators use data provided by ingame tools. Evidence provided by these tools is much more accurate and reliable than hearsay.

We have strict gudelines and if someone if is found using illicit software they will be punished accordingly (eg. banned).

If you wish to report anyone ingame you should use the support system. Don't post about it on the forums, it's against the forum rules.

You can access the support ingame by clicking the settings button in the top right corner (next to the god portrait) and then clicking Support.

Our ingame moderators investigate after a ticket is sent and posting rumours on the forums is both not helpful and not allowed by the forum rules.

I will be treating ban discussion offences harshly from now on as I feel they are distracting from real discussion about Idalium gameplay.

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