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Hey guys :p
Sgt. Seeker decided to stop at Grepolis all of a sudden, so our premade is kinda ruined now xD
And since i think the best part of this game is creating an ally from the buttom and then with hard work make it the best. I decided to pick up my original plan for this world... To found an ally.
I'm not gonna make some fancy description of what i imagine my ally is going to be like, since i don't care what's is gonna be like.
As long as we own and have fun at the same time!:D
Also if you doubt me and the way i'm gonna lead my ally just look GrepoHugs up on Gamma ;)
We are based in SW (O45).

PM me ingame (King Leo II) when the world opens or just reply in this thread if you want to join.
Only requirements are:
Have experience from other worlds
Understand sarcasm... I'm gonna be a pain if you don't understand sarcasm :S
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Seems odd that he'd just stop all of a sudden. But hey, goodluck with your alliance. Already a few good looking pre-mades out there


Actually i think he ran away with Hera.... So he had to leave before Zeus could find him ;)


Zeus is going to follow his father's footsteps and eat him like Chronos did! (for those who know any Greek mythology, although it's been a while for me haha)