This is made by me and my friend back in the day of early en servers.

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Good concise guide. Excellent points about including some cats. Love your ranged nuke, that's almost exactly how I build my ranged nukes.

What are your thoughts on Breakthrough attack, i.e., when is the best time/situation to use breakthrough? When one can clear out a city's harbor with LS nukes first, it is not necessary, obviously. But, once a world gets past the early game, bireme walls can get seriously massive, especially when the enemy knows you're coming after a particular city.

I'd be interested in people's thoughts on this, as I am a little fuzzy regarding the math/efficiency of using breakthrough.

EDIT: just realized OP was from last july, so might not get the OP's input. still, interested on what others have to say.
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You have to spy on the city. I refer you to this page of the wiki, which explains the process of spying :)