Hello, I'm ToonLink. I was previously in -Guardians of Freedom-, but they were
1. extremely unorganized
2. the only two players in authority were inactive (except for me, the diplomat)
3. they were an MRA. a third alliance by the 2nd day?! Geez!

So, after trying and trying to get things right there, I gave up and founded a new alliance. I recruited the good players from that alliance, and the rest that were actually active founded another alliance, Hydra. I give them a few days before they fail.

My alliance is Astronomical, and we have big plans.

Currently located in the hellhole that is Ocean 55, we're going to head east to escape the bloodbath, but still stay in ocean 55 to still have some fun.

There's one slot left on the Council and we have 25 members. If you would like to join, please contact me in game or on this thread.


Guardians of Freedom. Different Leadership. Weak Leadership.

Anybody who was already planning to move to the rim with his alliance even before BP ended and no attacks were even sent. Is a coward. No offense to you.


My alliance isn't going to the rim; in fact, we won't be far from the action. Just a little far from the core, that's all. But yeah, Guardians sucked.