Army of Olympus


The Olympians are the gods that created this world. They created people. Members of this alliance are heroes, defending our gods. Our flag is the Omega because if you defy us, it's the last thing that you'll see.
The [ally]Army of Olympus[/ally] is led by [player]Theconqueror273[/player]. Send me a well-written message if you wish to ally with us or join our ranks.
Although we encourage experienced players to join, experience is not a factor in determining whether or not you may join the alliance. We have a very organized forum and one tab
The biggest factors are location and activity.
1. Location: Ocean 34 is the best location to be. Do not send a message asking to join if your ocean is not 34, 35, 44, or 45, unless you know somebody in the alliance.
2. Activity: Members of the alliance are required to check this world at least once per day, with necessary exceptions. If you send us an application, your activity will be checked via GrepoIntel. Players are also encouraged to gain at least 250 points per week.

We are currently 4th in O34 with 7 members in about 12 hours.
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Good luck, conquer all the rim oceans in my name (I am powerful enough to be an Olympian so ;) )