Architecture - is it worth it?


Architecture - Is it worth it? The conventional wisdom that I've come across says no.

However, it more than pays off for the culture point it costs to reset it when you have built your buildings up to their max/desired levels.

So the short answer is Yes, it's worth it. Here's why, for those who are interested:

Cost to Research: 3700 wood, 4200 stone, 2500 coins = 10,400 resources
Reset cost (City Festival): 15k wood, 18k stone, 15k silver = 48k resources, or 10/12/10 = 32k resources with Theater

Total cost: 58.4k or 42.4k resources

Assumptions: You get Farm, Senate, Timber Camp, Quarry, and Silver Mine to 14, Warehouse and Academy to 10, and research Architecture.

Savings on buildings:

Building Levels Res. Needed Saved via Arch. Running Total
Academy 11-30 280,400 28,040 28,040
Farm 15-40 307,001 30,700 58,740 - break even point
Warehouse 11-30 346,647 34,665 93,405
Senate 15-24 89,037 8,904 102,309
Timber Camp 15-40 142,832 14,283 116,592
Quarry 15-30 152,232 15,223 131,815
Silver Mine 15-30 160,029 16,003 147,818

Not included: Temple, Harbor, Barracks, Cave, Wall, Marketplace, Landmark buildings; probably up to another 100k to be saved in total, depending on how high you take these buildings.

As you can see it very quickly pays off, I only had to fill in two rows of this table and we're at 58.74k resources, just a little more than the total cost of acquiring and reseting Architecture with no Theater.

Architecture will actually get you a few CP if you research it early and channel all the resources you save into city festivals.
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Not to mention, you're assuming the player in question resets architecture. I don't know about others, but my cities are very specifically tailored, and all have a few extra RP leftover that I invest in techs that may be useful, while architecture has been researched.

Thanks for the numbers though, I had never realized exactly how much I was saving!


Wow, never realized just how much you saved from it. I have always ignored it in the past, but now I know different, thnx for the help