Aphrodite-Charitable festival


Not sure if its a bug or if I'm just misreading something; also wasnt sure if there was still an aphrodite specific bug page.

Had the following running:
1. Improved Favor Production
2. Harpy Reinforcement
3. Archer Reinforcement
4. Hop Reinforcement
5. Improved Stone Production
6. Happiness
7. Improved Defense
8. Tyches Celebration of Joy
9. Olympic Torch
10. Land Expansion

When I cast Charitable Festival, the number of BP required for a Victory procession dropped from 300 to 246. I thought it would drop to 240 (20%).
Does the land expansion still count ,even though its permanent?
Do the event bonuses (olympic torch) count?



I had 8 tokens running + Land expansion and it dropped to 246 as well. I think Olympic torch doesn't count. I like that spell :)

But I have something else about Aphrodite to ask. What's going on with Sirenes?
They're improving speed of naval units and that's fine and works good. But each support or attack escorted with Sirenes, no matter was it one or more of them in escort, messed anti timer for 50 sec to even 1 min ahead and sometimes 30 sec behind targeted landing time.
I tried dozen of times, and it turned out that Sirenes are useless for timing or as anchors. Actually, they turned out to be real danger for good timing. At least in my case, speed 1.
Any other experiences? Any official Grepo explanation about Sirenes and timing/antitimer work?
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