An Honest Top 12


My Definition:
swim = has potential to win the whole thing
float = limited ability to win on their own, but aren't going anywhere and will be instrumental in the end-game for either their friends or enemies while still having the potential to take a wonder or 2
sink = no chance to win on their own or will disappear as result of a merger to one of the swim teams, allowing their members to still compete for the win

To remain fair in my assessment of what the wonders map will look like without disrespect, bias, or propaganda.

Anyone that has been able to continually grow their cities and stick with the game till the end will be in contention for a win and will play a role in the wonders in some form or another (aka, endurance matters).

1. Assassins Rite - swim - If for no other reason than that they have been at the top of these lists for so long now, it is clear they are a strong contender for the win. Given that this is my alliance I will not add anything further.

2. Antimatter - swim - For similar reasons as above they are not going anywhere and will be fighting it out for wonders in the end. They have some solid fighters at the top that I'm sure energize their base. They lead in both attack and defense points, but from observation they seem to be positioned more for defense and leave the attacking to a few out on the front lines, but rarely push deeper. This will ensure they are able to hold their ground until the end. They've been effective in spying and have been able to defend well and early because of it. They made some bold moves that caused them to split half the world against them which will limit their end game maneuvers. Their major weakness is having more members than they can win with in the end and this may present problems for them in the future with disgruntled people. It will be interesting to see how the handle this and how others can use this against them. Regardless, they have the numbers and the strength to make a serious go at the win.

3. The Elder Gods - float/swim - This is a team that hasn't caused too many waves in the world and has proven that they can hold their own. They've come under fire from all sides and have survived. They've long been underestimated, but haven't let that stop them. They are in a good position to take a wonder or two, but I predict this is where they will stall. I say this because they have not taken a large leadership role in the world during key events. Or I could be just underestimating them again... Their major strength is certainly their ability to survive without making promises they didn't intend to keep. This will put them in an interesting position in the end to make their own decision on which side to choose. This will be their defining moment as an alliance and depending on how they place their bet will determine their ultimate success or failure. (To be honest, this prediction is the one I am most unsure about and they could end up surprising us all.)

4. DarkMatter - sink - As an AM "academy" they will eventually merge into AM in some form. Again their main challenge here will be too many to carry over in the end.

5. The Trinity - swim - Yet another team that has proven they aren't going anywhere and can continually operate at a top level. Well positioned geographically and a solid network of friends will make Trinity one of the top 3 fighting for the win (not ranked #3 - I see AR, AM, Trinity all performing at equal levels for the wonders).

6. Heracletian Concord - sink - A strong alliance that has been limited only due to their geography. A strong player core dictates these players will certainly live on and will be key people fighting for the win, but I suspect they will become part of a merge towards the end.

7. Saints - float - Who saw these scrappers coming? This is a group that started on the rim, but were very smart in understanding that they needed friends. Through mergers and a persistent fighting force they have steadily worked their way up the chart and earned the respect of friends and enemies alike. As with Hera, these players aren't going anywhere and will continue to succeed in one form or another. Due to their position on the front lines, however, I don't see them doing this on their own. But clearly their success shows an understanding of this and their ability to adapt is admirable. I chose float for this one due to their numbers and solid core ... another group that may surprise everyone in the end. Don't count these players out.

8. Night Vision - float - A relative newcomer to the rankings, but they are positioned very well. It will be interesting to see if they make a run at the wonders or end up trying to work with one of the larger alliances. Their fighter numbers aren't great, but this is probably more reflective of their position in such a large world more than ability. That said, I don't see them as having the size to take 4-7 wonders.

9. -Guardians of the West- - sink - Based strictly off the number of cities and how spread out they are on the map I do not see a scenario where they are able to take a wonders win.

10. The Wheel - sink - Again ... the numbers, spread, and location next to a larger team does not suggest they will be able to take a win on their own. Given their position and longevity in this world, though, they clearly have a play that can be made for the win, but it will require help.

11. The Elite - sink - This is an alliance that has survived for some time, but who's success will rely on larger neighbors. Their numbers and spread work against them pulling off a win on their own.

12. Dionysus - sink - They've been here from almost the beginning and have been very clever in their use of diplomacy to keep themselves growing between two huge neighbors. Numbers and spread don't indicate a win on their own, but based on how they have played the game till now their diplomatic skills will most likely result in their members making a run for the win due to a merge and long term planning.


I think this is pretty fair honestly.

You kept it simple and limited your definitions to specific points. You pretty much say WW will be a 4 horse race, which is something I have said in the past. I think you were generous/kind to TEG and pretty harsh towards Heracletian. While I think it was spot on, it really goes against everything everyone else from your alliance has ever said. I also think your analysis for Saints could follow The Elite as well. (They are number 11 due to total points and # of players, but have a higher average than 4 alliances above them.

Some propaganda in here, but thats to be expected. I like the simplistic/analytic approach though, not going to lie. Nicely done. I will add that im glad someone finally played along and put some effort into this thing outside of myself (even if it took a year lol). Thanks!


I will add that im glad someone finally played along and put some effort into this thing outside of myself (even if it took a year lol). Thanks!

If you are referring to the Oracle of Upsilon, you are correct. the Oracle really doesn't put much effort into it. It's an Ockham's razor kinda thing. It's effortless to hold two fingers to two fingers and pronounce them equal to four. It's a gargantuan effort to hold two fingers to two fingers and pronounce them three as you so repeatedlly have done.

But your efforts have made these forums much more entertaining then my mundane statement of obvious truths. And I've always had a soft spot for edu-tainers over outright educators such as myself.
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Mikos.. the only thing you have educated us with is what poor Photoshop looks like when you copied foos' crown and stretched it on your avatar's head. At least he has accomplished something.

Similarly I am just as surprised at your ability to count to 4. I was unaware you had that many fingers.

And once again you prove my point that you are more troll than oracle. Here I am complimenting your "fearless" leader for finally posting his thoughts on these externals, and you have to resort to your little digs and backhanded compliments. You have already proven you cannot see your hand in front of your face, do you really expect us to think you can see the future?

As far as my edu-tainer skills, I appreciate the compliment. I am here for my entertainment. Many on here have already proven their inability to learn from my comments. My concern is not to teach. Many are well beyond the point of saving.


I will add that im glad someone finally played along and put some effort into this thing outside of myself (even if it took a year lol). Thanks!

Come on. You even put a 'lol' in your troll. Fruitloops right back at ya.

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it really is a very ugly fugly avatar or whatever you'd call it...


awww Bayou.. dont make fun of him when he isnt here!!

Save it for when he gets back. It is more fun that way.

If he comes back :(