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Alternatio Itinere

Hoc parva herba potest stipant eget terebro.
We will be a smaller alliance in the South West. The recruitment shall be extremely limited to these requirements.

A- Have to be in our ocean
B- Have to be experienced, or willing to learn
C- Have to be active
D- Have to be aggressive
E- Cannot be scared of expansion.
F- Have to be active on the internal alliance forums.

For Diplomacy -
Pfffft. Who really needs any of this?

Post here if you are interested, I'll be doing the majority of recruitment ig.​
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If you're alliance is as good as BB and "CENSORED*...then good job....

Is this alliance going to be ABP oriented or "points oriented"

Astral Alacrity

ABP. Definitely. As it's morale, points aren't as important, I used to be in another morale world with someone who had 12 slots open but not taken because he didn't want morale showing.