Alliance: Tevinter Imperium

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˙·٠•●Tevinter Imperium●•٠·˙

The Tevinter is much more than just an alliance , or a place in the world ranking. Thanks to Electro Art's project we've created a family with a lot of opportunities. We try to make this game look better.

What you can find here:
First we've developed a new way of administration in our alliance we've created ,,The Tevinter Codex,, that explains every thing that a player should know about our family.
One of the best thing is that every member has rank and a position in our Empire , we've created a new mode of member

We already have an official site and trailer , it'll be translated into English and put here. Hope every one will enjoy.

Official Trailer

!!!Waiting for you!!!
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hello slobo.c i am zlutan i will play in this world
do you want to join us?
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We've got new projects that will burn grepolis' worlds
world omicronwe are interested if there are players that want to join us , we promise the best game ever

Slifer RS

we are testing some new things in omicron, so we are there now