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The reason a lot of alliances crumble in Grepo (even good ones at least on paper) is bc of no backbone or spine. World Pella is full of cowardly players looking for the easy road. In fact i have seen players jumping multiple times, to me this is a red flag. When the going gets tough they jump. Morale killers, i myself will not recruit or pursue such player bc you can tell how good someone is once things get tough.

My alliance for one, we had setbacks but what kept us a float and now thriving is the attitude never give up if you lose a city take 2 more. Sick of these baby players if they lose a city or 2 go VM or quit or even jump which that is worse.

Of course always exception to the rule but do your homework bc if things are going south they might be as well.

My 2 cents on the matter

I am sure Supa lol, it is the fear of being attacked or rimmed. BP is the best way to earn slots, i welcome the challenge of being attacked if you take a city or two of mine its cool, i will just take the bp and move on...
LOL not all, my first world was World Gamma US made. It was full of warriors and players not afraid to be attacked. The thing is as this game gets more popular hence more players that is where that comes from. Newbies not knowing what to do if attacked. You need a mentor in any alliance to help and teach, Myself and others i play with all will help bc it is in our best interest too make the alliance better.

One day i will play a EN Server...
Ha yeah could do it.. Getting back to the point for me I look for loyalty and how good a player is when in a dog fight. I see too many bailing or not fighting for a month and so on. Just decreases the server play overall..


I have to agree, Al. Jumpers are a plague to Grepolis. Its all about that digital crown, ya know! Loyalty?, Whats that? Haha


There has to be some consideration to the age of a server as well as the level of passion for the game in the player. As the server gets older the number of players are going to naturally shrink and it wouldn't be very fun with a 300 player server having 50 alliances of 6 players due to attrition. Also what if your alliance doesn't fit you? We spend so much time playing this game and it takes a while to learn personalities through text format. Do you really want to spend a lot of time you set aside for recreation with people you've grown to know and disagree with? Now setting aside server age, someone fairly new to the game like myself, let's say less than 2 years experience, would it not be a dis-service to withhold the experience of multiple leadership styles and strategies to find what fits you best? While I'm not suggesting alliance hopping in the least and I respect, encourage and commend loyalty, don't hold yourself back from advancing in this game because you are stuck in how it used to be done.
You have a point Sky Monkey but my last server my alliance came from OC 43 and swept down to 55 bc of all the in fighting and battling in the center of the server. I joined up late bc of another server.

In the end it is about leadership overall and you are right the passion and will to play as the server shrinks. For my Grep experience I fully blame the Leaders in all Rim Alliances for not taking advantage of all the fighting in 55. Everywhere I have played a Rim alliance emerged, reason being a strong leader with a plan..

Now circumstances happen and exceptions.


Well said Al. Lot of fighting in the core allows rim alliances to establish themselves how they want before they are even really noticed, as long as their leadership plays it smart. Yes it's a fighting game but if leadership is smart enough they can put themselves in good position to move into the core while everyone fights each a game of chess, always gotta think a few moves ahead of your opponent
The rim isn't as good because servers barely have long enough to develop. Either Inno releases new worlds quickly and people jump or the world ends in six months if they don't. Before that rim alliances did rise up and even become the top dogs. It seems Inno has switched from fast release to fast finish. Fact is world's are finishing at about 1/4th or 1/3rd of their run time.
This world does seem to be going by quicker Smily, i give you that. I stand by that being on the Rim if led the right way can be a sight to see.
Thanks Rory i agree with your points as well considering both of us were Rim alliances in MU and finished 1 and 2..


This world does seem to be going by quicker Smily, i give you that. I stand by that being on the Rim if led the right way can be a sight to see.
Thanks Rory i agree with your points as well considering both of us were Rim alliances in MU and finished 1 and 2..
we can always end this and go to war Al lol. Wait I know I know you are going to tell sgrey I said that

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Now it's starting to get really interesting ...

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