Figured I'd post here because I want to get more active players, and players who i can trust more.
This alliance is supposed to be mainly people from my previous alliance, but world speed discouraged many, so I'll need more players, and dont wanna go MRA.
We're going SW, you'll need to be near obviously.
I'v lead several alliances in the past, Know what I'm doing. I will have votes on major decisions, and really my role it just keeping things together usually, and starting things up.
not sure what else to say here, just message me in-game saying you're from the forums, and I'll likely let you in. There may be open roles, not really sure who from my alliance is coming with, as they will have role priority, likely you can be a forum mod, or recruiter if you want.


look foward to working with the chapter of iluminati in zakros
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92 you are trying to Pact with half the server before the first sword even falls! M.R.A. x6