alliance forming and keeping it strong


ok i am usually a quiet player who jions an alliance just to be left allone but lately i have found my self as a leader of a small alliance of newbs :) i set up alliance forum so that many questions for beginners would be answered and i talk often with them but i was curious are there any skilled alliance leaders with advice or tips on leading ?


Communication is key.
I would make a nice alliance forum with some guides


not very good at this forum set up at the moment but how would you suggest doing that


From the Wiki:
Create forums
Set up a nice forum on the alliance forum tab, you can create and edit new tabs in the administrate forums link in the bottom right hand corner. (Note that only an alliance founder can set up the forums, only they can create or delete tabs. Forum moderators can only move and edit posts).

What makes a good forum?
The most basic of forums should include-

Announcements (Where leaders can post important announcements for the alliance to see)

Support (Where people can request support)

Questions/guides (This one depends on how many new players you have in your alliance).

Council (This section is normally hidden- use it to discuss things with your fellow leaders if you have any!)

Other sections include-

Off Support (Short for Offensive Support- Where people can post asking for help attacking a target).

Market (Where members can post requesting resources- this is a good tactic as it means that resources are staying in the alliance).

Off topic (to have some fun)

General (where members can post with things they consider important).


1.) Invite the best people. Do not be a mass recruiting alliance or you WILL fail.
2.) Answer any questions anyone has.
3.) Say the right stuff. Don't say anything someone would take heavily.
4.) Get 1-2 good pacts in your ocean. I can't believe alliances try to make a pact with us in Theta when we're in 44/54 and they're in 57!!!!! :mad:
5.) Get leaders to help you out, don't be a dictator unless you absolutely know what your doing.