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I just stumbled upon the VM Wikipage and found a few facts missing, which might be of interest to a few players:

1. VM Days you are buying will never be lost, they will be kept, when you start a new year. You could buy 14 Days in two years and start the third year with 70 Days, still with the option to buy 14 more.

2. VM Days are always used last. If you bought 14 days in one year, used 50 of your 56 before renewing you would have 48 Days for the next year, still with the option to buy 14 more. I just finished a 99 Days VM on my german worlds 8)

3. Your Senat,Barracks and Harbour are keep on working even after the VM actually starts, i done that often when taking a day or two off on the weekends. Filling the queues and having the troops or buildings ready when i came back.


Do you mean, where i got the information from?

It will take a bit of time, finding actual Innogames Officials commenting about it, this is common knowledge in germany.

But i will start looking!

Edit: Stupid me ;)

Should have tried for the german wiki first, there are the confirmations regarding 1. and 2.



If you do not want to use the GoogleTranslator:

Each player has 42 days of vacation per gaming year at his disposal. Every year on the day the account was created these are refilled to the full 42. It is possible to buy 14 days each year for 50 gold each. Of course they are not refilled every year, but they not expire either, when a new year starts. When the Vacationmode is active, the free VM are "used" first and when they are used up, then the bought ones.

Regarding Nr. 3: I have no idea yet, where to find a confirmation for this, i just know with absolut certainity, that this is a fact.
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