Adding BP to World Wonder Builds


Author: iAmK1NG


The idea is simple but can be implemented in a couple of ways. Ever since I've played this game you'd always hear folks talk about this being a "war game." However, there isn't much "war" or fighting during the Age of WW unless you have to try to take down an enemy WW. So I suggest adding some BP to the mix. How?

Well, one way is to split the build levels between resources and BP, one level can be upgraded by pushing resources (as is done currently) then the next level can be upgraded by generating or spending BP, and so on and so forth. You could also split each level in half so each level requires, both, resources and BP, or perhaps there is some other way the team can think of.

BP spending - like how you upgrade island farms ( probably more likely to be implemented ). You have to go get BP to spend it, sucks having to pick between BP going towards slots or upgrading a WW build but...the game already does this with island farms.

BP generated - you don't spend BP but the meter fills as your alliance generates BP during that timeframe ( will probably be liked more by players since there are no drawbacks ).

Alliances can still use BP farming systems to avoid actual fighting but I still think it would make the endgame for this mode a bit more interesting and give those resources a break.

Thanks for reading.

- K1NG