Active Tau Poster


I think he means a picture of all the active posters in a picture.


Sorry Charl we didn't like morale
other than that we would've joined
plus we needed a few more members
Yeah beast, we all know why players like you don't play moral worlds. That way you with 20 cites can take a player with 1 city with no problem.Oh skilless wonder, let us bow to you.So i shall turn around, drop my pants and bow to you.

General Sen

I am active in Tau. In Tau, my alliance is...

I don't have an alliance. :(

Theta's my main world though.

King David II

Yes it is, me and him gangbanging all the idiots there and calling crmarczak a noob (because he is)
It ain't bullying, it's constructive criticism, aint that right GS?

Da best ever

I don't play in Tau. I have an account but am quitting. I use other worlds.