Absolute Zero



Are you a great player?
Do you like Nooby Quests?
Than you are in the right place

Absolute Zero is an alliance that is on a mission to get to Ocean 0. The Place where all kinetic movement stop. Scientists have been trying to get to Absolute Zero forever but have never been able to quite get it. Now we will be able to. We are also probably going to win WWs since no one can break our wonders :p

- Vengeance are noobs
-You are probably on our enemy list
-You are on our enemy list
-Send Us Hate Mail

We are going to be very selective
Contact Swamp-Fox

Shivan the Great
Check-Mate the awful
Swamp-Fox the Amazing
GP52 the soldier
mcassassin the loyal warrior
Why666 the why
DuB Colis the warmonger
Yun Bao the sweet
SeaAngler the True Cod
Bigroger27509 the big big nub
ShatteredDreams the shattered account
AcidRainForever the acidic
bmikey the true mikey
scousez the brit
ratta the gone
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Didnt you already get to Ocean 0?
kdII i already told u
u need to join or ill rim you on theta and your other world :p

It'll be there forever now ;-)
hahaha he changed it before you posted :D


Shivan the Great
Check-Mate the awful
Panthera the Amazing
GP52 the soldier
mcassassin the loyal warrior
Bacon4Dayz the yummy
sarjdabeast26 the best
Mars Ultima the Ultimate
SeaAngler the fish
what about ratta the gone?


ll give you our stats...
we are rank 18 in total points, rank 24 in abp, rank 22 in dbp, rank 24 in bp total

now for ocean alliances we top the MOST oceans of ANY alliance
we top Oceans:

we also have a presence in oceans 33 and 22

our best player (points) is shivan, ranked 198, with 165,000 points
our best player (bp) is otateral, ranked 5, with 492,000 bp