A start off alliance


Hey guys names super

I will be starting an alliance with some friends from both US41 and US 42,
We r looking for a core group of players with experience to help us in our fight.

We are all active and look foward to this world.

Leadership spots r open so if interested post, and if u want an invite so that u guys r near us plz post below and I'll add ur names to the list

Thanks again
Super :)


it wud be moar convinsing if u wold spell rite and uz propeller gramer insted of typeng liek u txt

JD Feyd

Senior Citizen
Just some friendly advice. :) You want your proposal to be impressive so people will want to join. Proper sentence structure and grammar just make it easier to read and reduces confusion. The more details the better. Maybe start a list of current recruits. Someone might see someone they want to play with again. Anyway, good luck.


Sry can't see haters
Plus I misspelled only one word, and the rest r short forms of words
I don't hate you, I was just giving some mock advice.

But, by all means, ignore me. h8ers gonna h8 u know what im sayin? ahrhahehhaehfhafha