A New Discovery!


In light of the recent lack of anything else to do in the top alliance, Young Guns scientists have invested more time in discovering the true length of a God Bruche of time. After careful research and calculations, they have discovered the following...

A God Bruche of time (Previously known to be 16 days or 2.285 weeks) is exactly 16 days, 2 hours, 0 minutes, and 22 seconds (2.297 Weeks)!!!! This adjustment of 2 hours and 22 seconds has allowed the scientific community to advance by leaps and bounds as they work towards the future of innovation. Just today, Young Guns has discovered the Academy level 37-39 upgrades, which includes a new unit!

Trojan Horse- Landing one of these in an enemy city instantly ghosts the account of the player who owns the city.
Cost - 1 Wood, 1 Stone, 1 Silver Coin, 2.297 Population Space
Stats- 137.82 Blunt Attack, 41.346 Blunt Defense, 2.297 Sharp Defense, 55.128 Ranged Defense

In other news, why is everyone mysteriously ghosting? Real life commitments? Going to new worlds? We've got the answers! Tune in tomorrow night at 9pm!


I think the God Bruche unit of time system should replace the Imperial System (feet, pounds, US system of units). I mean we are one of the only countries to use this system and so why don't we switch it up a bit and use the God Bruche System instead. We do bold things in America and nothing screams more bold than God Bruche himself.