A Guide To Writing Newspapers[Version 0.01]


How to Write a Grepolis Newspaper[The Original]
By Rock5

Hello! Thanks for reading this guide on How to Write a Grepolis Newspaper! You are probably reading this because you want to make a newspaper for a world. This guide will only tells you tips on how to make a good newspaper; there’s no “formula” you have to follow. Enough of the intro. The topics I’m going to be covering as follows:

  • Time, time, and more time
  • Release Dates
  • Titles?!
  • Organization
  • Accuracy of Data
  • Do It Because Writing/Reporting is Fun

Time, Time, and More Time

Before you declare the words,”I’m going to make a newspaper for this world!...” think to yourself,Do I have the time to release a newspaper? If your answer is no, then wait a few weeks/months and then tell yourself, Now do I have the time to do this?. If you do, go ahead and declare to the entire world that you’re going to be making a newspaper! If you still don’t, here are a few tips that’ll help you get have as much free time as you can:

  • Plan Ahead-(For Students)Every year, your school counselor or your teacher will give you an assignment book. Use it to plan your day and allow some time for you to make newspapers.
    (For Adults)-Even if you don’t have an assignment book to write down your assignments, you can always just use a small notebook do plan your day.
  • Pace Yourself-Please don’t think that you’ve have to make the ENTIRE newspaper the day before it’s released. It would be daunting and it would not work. Instead, around 5 days before it’s released, start working a little bit at a time. That way, the daunting task will seem more manageable.
  • Working with other players-This might be a weird, but working with other players also lessens the amount of work you need to do. If you plan to make a newspaper with another player, Google Docs, Office 365, or anything that allows to share will be great tools to use.

Release Dates

Now you got a title name, what about making the title fancy looking. A simple way to do it is to go on Cooltext.com, which allows you to make it. Also, there are some people, such as the author, who creates graphics.


If you decided not to read the whole entire guide, this might be the part where you should be reading. Writing a newspaper requires organization. An example is shown below.

This is a screenshot of Zivearia’s 3rd Sinope Issue
Of course, your newspaper doesn’t need to be like that but notice a few things:

  • It tells you what it’s going to say in it’s “Table of Contents”
  • The title of each section is easily distinguishable
  • It is organized

There are some tricks that newspaper writers have to know about to make this work. Take a look at the picture below:


I have purposefully drawn a line down the middle to show that it is possible to divide the post in half.

This is how it’s done:


After you’ve “gone advanced” click on the button highlighted below.

Then adjust the numbers

Now all you have to do is to to type whatever you like in the [td][ /td] part of the things and now you have your newspaper split![/spr]

Other things you’ve probably noticed is how some newspapers have this weird line in them
The bb code is:
[hr] [/ hr]
without the space in between.
Even when you are really organized, the newspaper dude faces another problem. The newspaper is too long. Now how do you solve the problem?
You have 2 solutions:
Go Back to your newspaper and cut down the amount of fluff.
Make 2 different posts.

Now you know how to stay organized, let’s get to the accuracy part of a newspaper.

Accuracy of Data
People always complain to the newspaper dude that the newspaper is not very accurate. Here is what they always complain about:

”This newspaper is too biased!”~How do you fix this problem? Instead of focusing on 2-3 alliances, cover a wide variety of alliances and events in the world. Also, interview a variety of players.
”The Conquests Stats aren’t accurate~To solve this problem, do this last like a few hours before you post your newspaper. The following websites are good for this stuff:
Do Newspapers Because It’s Fun!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t make newspapers just for the + rep. Do it because you like making newspapers!

I hope you enjoyed this guide and as time goes on, I will update this “newspaper guide” Thanks!​


Awesome post! I've always wanted to do a newspaper but could never get it complete in a way I wanted to publish it
I may just try again:)