A great day

King David II

Fellow sinners, and forum goers, I have an announcement to make
Today, my dear friend yagerbomb had 170+ attacks coming at him for one city
We knew the city was lost...
But behold, someone from DIEM sent birs 1 sec BEFORE the CS would have landed
And the CS died
170 attacks go to waste
I go on a trash talking rampage, and rightfully so
Yager got 60k+ bp from this
DIEM has emptied its arsenal from 54 and 64, left without offense
There are NO words for this, NONE, zip, zero, nada
This is why I still play Theta, because of NOOBS like them
Its a great day to be a Sinner :D :D :D :D :D :D


Personally, I am still trying to consume this info 1/2 hour after it happened...that is just embarrassing and became a waste of everyone's time.


I just love how y'all only tell part of the story. There were biremes that arrived one second before the CS. However, that was the 3rd CS not the primary one. Basically what happened was that we weren't able to clear all of the DLU out of the city. I do know that it was a lot closer than you'd like to admit though.

You win some and you lose some. No point in letting the facts get in the way of your propaganda war. lol

Also, if y'all had been paying attention you would have already known where our LS nuke cities were. Just like we know where yours are. :p


Very true biremes did arrive right in front of the 3rd and final CS. They came from Chief1 (one of the attackers). He timed in his support wrong. Either way my city would of held with out them. It was a good honest battle from each side. Good day for Grepo period.

King David II

More news from the auspicious world of Theta :p
Justice Brotherhood and JB Academy has broken off into JB and Brotherhood. Brotherhood will fight JB. Considering these two were pacted for the longest time, I am surprised. They said they were being treated as second class citizens from former Justice Legion members and broke off. Good news for us.