A Farewell to cdc1099


Dear Community,

As a war game, Grepolis is designed to pit you against your enemies, and create a competitive atmosphere. This does not always hold true, however, as some events that happen within the community bring us together in ways we did not think possible. Today is one of those days, and with deep sorrow we feel that it is proper inform you that one of our community members, and an active player of this world is no longer with us.

cdc1099 (Chris) was an active member of Grepolis starting in May 2013 and play in the worlds Mu, Pella, Marathon, and Actium. He was known by his alliance members to be stern at times, but always willing to provide a helping hand to those that were willing to accept it. Chris was also known for his ability to plan and execute an offensive strategy. Even though at times he was strict, and ruthless with his offensive strategy, he was still known for being kind and playful with those that interacted with him.

Chris had a contagious spirit and will be missed by the community, his team, and by most of all his friends. We were lucky to have such a dedicated and passionate community member for the past several years. Please feel free to share your memories, or to leave your respects if you did not get the chance to know him.


Your Grepolis Team


Goodbye My Friend

CDC (Chris) was an active and important member of The Children in Marathon. His post on sniping and beating the anti-timer (and the discussion it generated) remains in our Forum as a testament to Chris' passion for this game we all play. I remember Chris as having a deep sense of commitment to his team and for always having time to help out a member in need. Chris could be a team captain, as he was in other worlds, or a useful team member, leading by example and without title - as he did on our Team. He just wanted to play. I really miss him. Peace my friend, by the way you went to war with us you have most certainly earned it.

Thank you Crimson Blue for the Farewell Notice. We appreciate it.
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