3 Starting Cities in Every Worlds

Would you prefer 3 cities per person in every world?

  • No, keep it at 1 starting city per person

    Votes: 3 16.7%
  • Yes, 3 cities per person but keep morale with it

    Votes: 4 22.2%
  • Yes, 3 cities per person as well as remove morale with it

    Votes: 10 55.6%
  • Other- Please specify what in a reply in the thread

    Votes: 1 5.6%

  • Total voters


Maybe I'm crazy, but I think every world people should be starting with 3 cities. Hypothetically if 1000 people dropped in the world at 1 city each (how most worlds are now) then if everyone started with 3 cities there would be a starting 1000 players with 3000 cities which would make the world 3x the size it normally is. I think this would be a good change as the number of players has slowly declined throughout the years. It would make the beginning of the game imo faster as people can grow 3 cities instead of 1 and have newer players have a chance of sticking around if 1 or 2 of their cities get conquered. I think if we did this it would give people a better foundation to move forward and fight. It would give new players a chance to keep playing if 1 or 2 cities get conquered. I'm not saying this is a solution to one particular problem but I think that it would make the worlds bigger and more full and it would make a good alternative to putting morale in 9/10 of the worlds. No veteran player enjoys morale [unless they are a full-time LMD (low morale driver)] and I think this would be a way to help out new players and if morale then goes away would put the minds of many players at ease of not having to worry about LMDs every world. It's just my opinion but I think it would be a good way for Inno to listen to the community and help players out just like how night bonus is in more than 50% of all worlds now which imo is a good change. Just like how every once in a while there is a world with no morale you could flip it where every once in a while there is a world with morale. I think this would be a good change, please vote in pole above and reply with your thoughts if you choose to do so.


Yes, this seems like a good idea. I would love to start out with three cities in every world. It would give people a fighting chance, and certainly a bigger interest in the game. Morale is just bad, even if I only play revolt and don't generally experience a lot of it.


I like the 3 starting cities, and think it should be done more often, but dont think it is for every world. also maybe a suggestion that you start a speed one (slowest) with 5 cities to help develop the world and start speed five (fastest) with one city since you grow faster. Starting with 3 lead to alot of ghosts and anchors and was pretty spread out imo
As for morale I both love it and hate it so no opinion


Yes I think that's a good idea bc the number of the players is decreasing and it would give the opportunity for some alliance to play in external seas