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South West (via link)

Recruitment & Expectations

1) Feel free to post here or send a message explaining your experience and the worlds you've been on and how long you've been playing. Be sure to include the style of play you prefer. If this info is sensitive and you don't want others to know, send a private message or pm my skype tag at @srwrestling2011

2) Be able to follow directions.

3) Be active. We're willing to teach newer players who want to come with but full effort is expected to be given. We will deal with inactivity and simming via internalizing those who do it. Come with a team attitude or don't come at all.

I actually used to exclusively play and lead on revolt worlds. In 2010, on EN Theta, I led a team called As Athens Burns where I managed to organize to knock off a Daizan premade using relatively new players. This team went on to become second in all stats under my leadership. During 2011, I served sometime in the world winning alliance, Evolution, under Murtius. Where we fought and undid the #1 team from Theta as well as several other strong alliances. In 2012 I returned after a hiatus to lead on En Ithica, where I again started from scratch and remade As Athens Burns. This team also went on to peak at 2nd in points and 1st in ABP before being undone by the entire world uniting to attack it.​
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I thought you decided to quit this game. What made you change your mind?


Me and friend are looking for a premade group to go into the world with. I'm experienced, he's kinda new knows most of the basics but learns fast.
Feel free to keep adding me on skype. If you want to join, get in contact with me before joining the world. I can't do anything for you after you join if you're not in the right spot.