1. Question- Grepo Bot

    I hope this is the right spot to ask, but when can we expect the Skype Grepo Bot to start monitoring Baris? I've been getting the "Invalid or unsupported server." error.
  2. Farming Villages in Mobile App

    I was wondering if there was a way to farm all villages at once in the mobile web app, like you can with the desktop view I have the premium to do so, although I do not know how. my phone does not support the Apple or Droid app as it is a windows phone or id be using one of those. any...
  3. QUESTION: academy applying to Myth units

    Hi I saw a thread regarding myth units and phalanx not applying to myths. I was wondering if break thru works with myth units if they are ground troops only.. thanks
  4. Tables

    Bow do you center tables in your profile? Whenever I make a table and center it, it doesn't form into a table. HELP!!!!!!!! :@
  5. Hero

    This question has probably been asked a lot, but I really want to know... when does a Hero World open?