Wrong travel time estimation?



I just launched an attack from my main town, and after looking at in it the command overview, there is 9 minutes difference between what it was saying in the attack window vs the command overview.

I tried to send for 20h00m00s and overview was saying 19h51m and some seconds. So I cancelled, and tried again and again until the time in the overview was close to what I want. However the time in the attack window was saying 20h09h50s (ish).

I sent wit sirens and Atalanta. Maybe the addition of the two doesn't match server side logic?



That has nothing with Atlanta.
Sirenes are making that problem. Don't count on them for attacks that have to be timed. They are useless as anchors.


Interesting. So I tried...

LS alone have the good timing
LS + Sirens still have the good timing (+/- 10s)
LS + Atalanta have the good timing.
LS + Sirens + Atalanta have bad timing.

I tried the same with transport boat and got the same behavior. Only when they go with both Sirens and Atalanta it fails to estimate correctly.