World Wonder Predictions


24-36 hrs time sounds about right when I said head-to-head....I believe, in build times FEDs were 2nd to TBG for most of the fist half then the ToBes advanced to 2nd...anything after first place is last place, so it doesnt really matter.

As for th "UN", wasnt part of that, I came from 'Hand of Ceaser' (most of us had played together in enMarathon, our alliance won that world...all 7 wonders) to AoA, and then to the FEDs (out of T3, it being 'selected' to build WWs).

FEDs did have their Wonders set back, cant make that sh*t up...for that matter, why would I lie about losing?

As for leadership, this game is alot about trust as it is about skill and we had/have many experianced and trustworthy leaders...all but one that is.


Oh, you're all done? I thought just going for four was lame. I heard that somewhere in this forum.


haha done? We arent done, by the rules of the game, we have won... but you are correct 4 is lame. We will have the crown.


BECAUSE... We will look absolutely stunning in a crown... But I don't think they make crowns in sour grape size so you out of luck thisisgrepolis


So none of our opponents were good enough to take a WW from us, they had to get theirs through a backstabber/traitor in our own alliance.
Funny thing is our opponents are all commending him.......hilarious the hypocrites are when it benefits them.

Now we know where the targets are..........GAME ON!!!!