World Chat

Well this isn't loyal. If you're a leader, you lead. You don't just disband an alliance on a whim. When you do that you lose the respect of those who were following your leadership. Here's the message I came home from work to after finding the alliance was disbanded.

Sup fellas,
Since yesterday were facing some frustating situations. That could had made us dissolve the alliance.
We started this alliance with few irl friends and we have one goal, that is to win.
Not everybody seems to be that commited to the game and are showing a really slow progress.
It's really with a small weight on my conscience, but we may have to dissolve at least our 2nd Alliance.
I know this is may sound selfish from us since we took some of you guys from another smaller alliances.
Choose a god and pray your prayers.
- Kyouma
"El Psy Congroo."