With last stand pressed.....


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Or whatever the hell it's called

GGs everyone, wish the world had ended up being more competitive but there was a solid 3-4 weeks of good fighting in there ;)

Was good playing with and against everyone here .... I'm sure I'll see (and beat) y'all on other worlds :cool: best of luck to all of you

Please last longer than a few weeks next time, kind of killed the vibes

I look forward to taking your cities on future worlds, baby :cool: hope you've learned to snipe by then

Instead of accusing people of bots (which tbf is always quite amusing for me), just ask how we do it instead and maybe you can learn a thing of two from someone better than you, crying will never have you learning anything. While I enjoy the hackusations, they slander my work, that I am oh so proud of. Real botting is essentially free cities - so unless my "bot" is built different it would be easy to counter.


I bet you are talking about this idiot who came back to life when world is over, lol.