Winter Grepolympia 2020

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Dear Community,

Hear Nike's call, the goddess of victory is looking for the best athletes to participate in the winter edition of Grepolympia!

From January 20th, 10:00am server time, until February 8th, you can participate in four different winter sports disciplines, with each challenge focusing on different strengths of your athletes. Strategy is just as important as frequent training to become the best athlete in each discipline and help your alliance score the highest in the leaderboards!

Every time you participate in one of the four competitions, you will be rewarded with laurels. Laurels can be exchanged for valuable items in the event shop. The four disciplines of course have a wintry theme:

Day 1-4

Shield Luge
Day 5-8

Day 9-12

Figure Skating
Day 13-16

Ski Jumping

But that's not all, Winter Grepolympia is all about team spirit! You can earn even more valuable rewards in cooperation with your alliance. Have your alliance’s most successful 10 winter athletes score the best average result for a discipline and gain powerful bonuses for your whole alliance! The Alliance Rewards for each discipline are:

Shield LugeBiathlonFigure SkatingSki Jumping

The Olympic Torch

Olympic Senses

Olympic Merchant

The Olympic Sword
Grants up to +20%
defensive bonus
Grants up to +40%
battle points
Grants up to +40%
resource production
Grants up to +20%
attack strength

Each discipline will last 4 days, and the shop will be open for 3 days after the final discipline has ended.

More information on the event can be found on our Wiki.

We hope you will enjoy the event! Let us know how you like it in the dedicated thread -> here!

See you in-game for a BRRR-illiant contest

Your Grepolis team
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