Winter event discussion


Now that the event is over, my honest feedback is that new worlds should not have this enabled upon startup. Gela was turned into a giant myth-nuke fest within the first week because of all the manti and harpy drops, and it completely imbalanced the game towards heavy gold spending even more than usual. I guess that isn't technically a problem for Innogames, on the contrary, it helps with gold sales, but at the cost of balance. In the future, if you repeat this event, it would be wonderful if you could leave it out of worlds that started past mid November or so, or maybe scale down rewards to not include extremely strong items on new servers.

The aftereffects are still being seen-- a bunch of people(Myself included) have stored up myth tokens that give us troops that usually wouldn't be on the server for another month or so, and is being used to heavily influence the game.

Maybe that could be fixed by just toning down the rewards a bit? Or maybe find a way to still encourage gold spending, but not be able to re spin the wheel basically an unlimited amount of times if you have enough gold? I don't know.


Having an event on a new world (Gela) was a poor choice. Too many players got driven off the world and will never return.

My personal thought on all events is to remove the mythical unit rewards.


The awards on a new world should be different from one approaching WW. The problem is balancing what golders get in each one, although maybe that would discourage heavy gold use during events on newer worlds. I have seen some players complain that they got more units for the gold they spent in worlds where they are bigger, and that it was a rip off in the newer worlds (Manti V yielded 56 vs 24 mantis for example (numbers approx)).

I'm ok with small numbers of mythical units, maybe 5, with a limit per day, just to keep a little balance in the game, especially early on.

Other awards for newer worlds: research points, CP (not CL), accelerated construction or recruiting, free instant completes. All of these would benefit all players, without skewing the early game to heavily to the experienced gold players, and long run should increase the player base.

On a different note, add player, alliance, and support time into the 'outside' tab of the Agora. It would help manage your units, and reduce either stranding units for a long time, or accidentally having support in an enemy city.


i personally dont think the wheel events are worth it.
i rather spend gold on a counjouring spell event. its much more worth the gold spending