Wiki Heroes Page maybe has a mistake



Wrong could be the following part:


A few here may know that i am origanally from the german worlds, and the wikipages in .en and .de were the same on this subject until the 11. of March.

There was a bug report about a wounded cheiron not reducing the cost and time of hoplites in the german externals, a few days ago, and the answer was: Cheiron is working as intended and that this was always the case. An increased resource production by a wounded Andromeda or Terylea was said to have been an display error.

The german wiki page was changed on march, 11. to a new entry: "wounded heroes do not contribute there special powers to cities until healed"

Prior to March 11. the entries were the same as in the .en wiki.

Since i rarely attack with those heroes, i never stumbled upon this myself here. So i testet it just now on a world:


For better reference, here is the link from the german externals:

The Google Translator is hopefully working good enough to understand this.


You're right, it should note that Heroes do not affect towns when wounded. Will make that correction now, thank you.