Wiki-Changelog 1.01

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Changelog 1.01
Wednesday September 4th - Wednesday September 11th

Thank you to those who have been busy suggesting edits, both here and on .US.

  1. Added world information on Apollonia (en66), Byllis (en67) for EN server and Omicron (us16), Pi (us17), Rho (us18), Sigma(us19) for US server
  2. User request: Added clearer explanation for resetting technologies
  3. Information on the specific unit pages re-written and adjusted
  4. Changelog 2.45 added to the changelogs page
  5. User request: Grammar mistake in the Victory processions page was removed
  6. User request: Spelling mistake on the temple page was removed
  7. Added the new menu buttons on the right hand side of the screen.
  8. Added new table style (which took an outrageous amount of time, hence my including it here).
  9. User request: BB code for the spoiler was added to the BB codes list.
  10. User request: The image of the Colony Ship was wrong, this has now been changed on this page.
  11. User request: Specific explanation of what happens with your culture points when you restart or get rimmed has been added on the Culture page and on the FAQ's page
  12. Erinys was written wrongly in the units portal, and the page specific to this unit. This has now been corrected.
  13. 'Devine Statue' was written incorrectly at this page. This has now been corrected.
  14. Added temple level requirements for the Calodonian Boar and the Griffin;
  15. Added the white alliance reservation map icon;
  16. Updated map icon table;
  17. Homepage slightly reformatted and layout rejigged.

Please keep pointing out the errors! Thank you for all your help guys.
Some big changes planned for the wiki, watch this space.

The Wiki Team
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