What's going on in Xi? --- Issue 1


Yeah,the next one will probably be less interesting,but not sure.


Same here,and mikeg,is there a reason why u cant?

I mean is the world not active or something(to u,since u have been gone).



I just lack the time or the motivation to do it at this point. Maybe later on, but for the foreseeable future I will not be working on another Issue.


Wow I'm so late.
Current top 12:
1. The 818 - Very well spread out.
2. Futurus Sanguis - Possibly the greatest alliance. Most experienced players are here eh Draceus?
3. Delian Hillbillies - Result of a merge between Hillbilly Warfare and the Delian Elite.
4. Limitless - no comment
5. Outlaw Alliance- not the same as described above. It's a new alliance in the eastern rim.
6. Delian League - No longer an academy alliance I believe.
7. Imperial Legion NE - Former Force and UAP coalition
8. 35 Isles Armed Coalition - A single alliance basically dominating 33-35. would dominate the entire region if not for ShowTime7.
9. Imperial Legion SW - Former Empire of the Isles and UAP Alliance. Pact to the other Imperial Legion.
10. Delian Elite- now inactive.
11. God of Freedom - My alliance.
12. True Greeks - Northern based alliance. Very small.


Nice list,could you explain why there isn't a comment on Limitless?