What's going on in Xi? --- Issue 1


What's going on in Xi?


Hello readers, I am Mikeg6631 of Futurus Sanguis here to keep you updated on what is happening in Xi with my new newsletter. This newsletter will include interviews, a top 6 breakdown, the war room, funny/amusing messages, and a trash talk section. This is my first ever attempt at a newsletter, so don't expect it to be amazing likes Rising Legacy's for Omicron, but I tried my best for you guys!

My Top 6 Rundown
1.Futurus Sanguis
We start at the top of the list with the alliance I am apart of, Futurus Sanguis. FS is heavily concentrated in ocean 55 and 54, but they do have some members in ocean 44 and other areas as well. They lead the world with over 1,700,000 points, and around 130 members. They also are leading in all battle point categories. In ocean 55, they have recently merged Horde of Zombies who they used to have a NAP with. They have also merged with LEGIO XIII and some of Hesslia top members. Along the lines that divide ocean 54 and 44, they run close to their enemy, The Unforgiven(more info on that below). Other enemies include The Deadly Islands, and pretty much any other MRA. As a member of Futurus Sanguis, which means I am at least some what biased, I believe we are a pretty solid group and have the potential to go all the way with this world.

2. The Deadly Islands
At Xi's number two spot we have The Deadly Islands, or TDI for short. With over 130 members they have just over 650,000 points. Their average is just under 5k, and only around 30 of their members have actually conquered a city. They are 4th in attack battle points and fighters battle points. To be honest, they are basically a MRA, but nonetheless they are the #2 alliance in Xi. Ocean 56 is their hot spot, but they have some members in other areas. To the south of them in Ocean 57, there is The Delian League who is their "sister alliance". To the East is The Outlaw alliance who they have a pact with, and to the north is Futurus Sanguis. I personally don't see this alliance lasting long once an opposing alliance starts to conquer their cities.

3. Outlaw Alliance
Coming in at number three we have Outlaw Alliance. With around 90 members they have little over 500k points, but they are ranked 2nd in attack battle points and fighter battle points. This alliance's home ocean is 66, but they have few members creeping into ocean 65 56, and 76. There isn't any real threats near them except for FS to the North-west, but if things go wrong with TDI, then there could be a war.

4. Warriors of Ragnarok
Here comes our number four alliance Warriors of Ragnarok. This alliance is smaller then the alliances ahead of them and has the second highest average in the top 6. They are ranked #3 in attacker battle points and I believe they are better than the #2 and #3 alliances, but I haven't been impressed by them yet. Ocean 45 is their core ocean, which they share with Primordial Deity,which is their sister alliance, and many Futurus Sanguis members who came over from LEGIO XIII.

Limitless controls our number five spot. They are based mainly in ocean 75 and seem to control it, but I think it is hard to tell how this ocean will progress considering for some BP only ended around a week or two ago over here. Despite their top 6 spot, they currently are ranked 11th in ABP. Recently they added the members from Deadly Tendencies(shout out to atdhe9) in a merger. Personally, I think this was a good move for them, but we will see how things go moving forward.

6. The Unforgiven​
The Unforgiven takes our last spot on this list. The Unforgiven is not exactly a MRA like most of the other alliances on this list. They only have 65 members, which is currently the lowest member count in the Top 12. The alliance is tightly packed together on a few islands in ocean 44 along the 44-54 border. Currently their main threat is FS who they are at war with. I personally believe this alliance is sinking as they used to #2 in ABP but have dropped all the way to number 5. Maybe if they can get some of their smaller members to progress and start taking cities, then they could reverse the tread and keep themselves from falling to the bottom of the ocean.


Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the war room. Please take a seat and remember no fighting in the war room!

Futurus Sanguis vs. The Unforgiven​
Well if you have been reading around the Xi forums, you'd know that this war started over Gierto's departure from The Unforgiven. After he left TU, he joined Futurus Sanguis. This intiatated the war. At this point the war has come to a stand still. There are a few ocassional attacks, but there hasn't been many conquest attempts recently. Ironically a few days after joning FS, Gierto disappeared from Grepolis and has yet to reappear. Due to this, his cities were all conquered by TU.
The score(conquers) currently is TU 4 to FS 4.

Futurus Sanguis vs. The Deadly Islands​
Being the MRA hunters that FS is, they have been targeting TDI's cities. The war is still in its early stages, so at this point it might not really be an actual war, but with with FS and merging with HoZ, there isn't a lot of space to expand in Ocean 55, so I expect an invasion of ocean 56 eventually.

UWP vs. Futurus Sanguis​
Well, there is a group that calls themselves the United World Powers and apparantly they are all enemies of FS. Futurus Sanguis has not offically declared war on the super coalition of alliances, but that doesn't mean they won't take their cities anyways.

UWP vs. UAP​
Two super coalitions against each other!!! Wow! Supposedly UAP is a coalition formed to fight UWP. I wouldn't really call this a real war because I doubt that either of this super coalitions are organized enough to come together and take on the opposing side.
Supposed members of each coalition (not 100% confirmed)
UWP - The Unforgiven, The Deadly Islands, Outlaw Alliance, Limitless, Killshot Alliance, Quick Draw Pirates, US NAVY, and Delian League

UAP - United World, Spectre, The Empire,The Force, Nights Watch, The Olympians, monroe Coalition Treaty, Hellenistic Alliance, Empire of the Rebel, The Royal Legion, DG The Dark Empire, Eyes of the Zodiac, West Corinthian Empire, Roman Empire,The Killer Indian Tribe, The Copperheads, Atlantean League, The Spartan Browncoats, Corinthian Empire, Demigoddesses, G.S.T.O , God of freedom and Peace

Sorry for a lack of information on wars here, but due to the server being young, it seems as if there aren't many wars going on, and there are two Super coalitions, the UAP and UWP which basically keep everyone from attacking each other.[/SPR]
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Let's start off with Nycro15.
[SPR]Mike: Mind if I interview you?

Nycro15: sure why not

Mike: I heard your alliance was apart of the UWP? Is this true?

Nycro15: Yes

Mike: From what I hear, it is a huge coalition of alliances who are supposed to work together to control the world. Are you guys a cooperative group that is willing to support each other in wars or is it just a big Non-aggression pact?

Nycro15: Both i guess you could say.

Mike:Okay, one last question. I see that your alliance, Limitless, has recently merged with Deadly Tendencies. What prompted the merger between the two parties??

Nycro15: Well i saw that they were in ocean 75, and there founder atd is quite active, so i figured they would be a great addition to limitless

Well as you can see, I didn't get too much out of him... I think I'll have to get a bit more aggressive next time to make him talk..

The next interview is kind of outdated. It is a interview with the Hesslia founder Golo their disappearance for a night. They ended up merging with Futurus Sanguis, but here it is anyways in case anyone wants to read it.

[SPR]Mike: I am currently doing a newsletter for Xi that I will post to the external forums. Is there any chance I could ask you a question or two?

Golo: Golo: Yes of course..Sorry for the late reply

Mike: No problem man, no rush. Rumor has it that the other two founders were behind the dissolution of your alliance the other day. Do you know why they did it? Have you been able to reclaim all of your former members yet?

Golo: The rumor is true..The two players are girls..No one can understand girls haha..
I can`t not tell you why they disolved it..Not becauses I don`t want it..Its because I don`t know.
Almost all our formemr members are back

Mike: Lol, well nobody likes quitters so good riddance to them. Now that things are sorted out with your alliance, how do you guys plan on moving forward?

Golo: Currently we will wait..We have some merges proposals..Probably moving forward alone is suicide

Mike: It might be, but your alliance does seem to be better off than most and you guys do have the second highest average of the top 15 alliances.*

Mike: Moving on, what is your opinion of the alliances surrounding you? Has any other alliance impressed you? And out of the top six alliances, which alliance do you think has the biggest chance to fall apart?

Golo: We have only the outlaws around..at least they are the only one that I noticed so they are the only I was a little impresed.
And about the top 6 alliances.
FS can fall apart only with internal fights, many good players
Golo: The deadly islands..attacked one of our sieges with biremes so..If they start a war against a good alliance they will fall apart
Outlaws..have some good players..but I think its the same like the deadly islands

[COLOR="#00000"]Mike: Yeah, there seem to be a lot of MRAs and LOL about TDI[/COLOR]

Also Golo apologized for his spelling, English isn't his first language.

Now for the leader of The Deadly Islands, commander of the sea.

[SPR]Mike: Hey, I am Mike. I am currently working on a newsletter that will be posted on the Xi externals forums. Do you mind if I ask you some questions about you and your alliance?

commander of the sea: sure go ahead

Mike: Thanks. Your alliance seems to be nearing the member cap with over 130 members. How do you keep this under control? Do you have any plans to weed out smaller players?

commander of the sea: i keep forms updated and i have a point cut off every now and then

Mike: What about the critics? Some people believe your alliance is destined for failure, and they claim you guys are a MRA? What do have to say about that?

commander of the sea: well i have been called a mra but i am recruiting mainly people in ocrean 56 so i feel like it is ok. ps haters ganna hate

Mike: Moving on to the last topic. Who do you see as your biggest threat? Do you have any current wars going on?

commander of the sea: well a member of futurus sag said they declared war on us and they have taken a few of my alliance's citys. lol what have they said about us in your forms

Mike: Well, let's just say some of your biggest critics are on Futurus Sanguis's forums. I appreciate your cooperation and thank you for your time. Have a nice day.

commander of the sea: no problem, see ya

It is always nice to sit down and have a nice chat with the enemy. I am glad he cooperated.
Acupuncture – Futurus Sanguis

Mike: Mind if ask some questions?

Acupuncture: |-(

Acupuncture: Sure, not like I have anything else to do at 1 AM (chuckle)

Mike: Well, Futurus Sanguis has come a long way from when you first guys first started with just you, SteelRain, and Draceus. Everyone has high hopes, but did you ever expect this?

Acupuncture: Of course you (removed), I'm #1. Uno. Le premiere. Ze best (chuckle)

Acupuncture: Ok, serious response in a minute, just need something to drink

Mikeg: I am including in the interview by the way.

Acupuncture: (chuckle)

Mike: I'll just have to change it a bit for Daed.

Acupuncture: Daed's my (homie), I got him all wrapped up

Acupuncture: Alright, time for a serious tone. Scrap the last few lines

Acupuncture: When me, SteelRain and Draceus got together, we didn't have the intention to set up our own alliance at first. Our 3-man alliance was named 'Untill BP ends', since we were looking for a good alliance to join with the 3 of us. After we noticed there were no good alliances in the near vicinity, however, we decided to transform or 'BP alliance' into a serious alliance. After a short chat with SteelRain, we decided to call it Futurus Sanguis. We started out small, under the radar, really. But within a few days of our existence we already made quite a reputation, and by now are the #1 alliance, both in points total, points average, ABP, DBP and total BP. Did I expect this when I huddled up with Draceus and SteelRain? Not at all. But I'm more than glad things worked out the way they did.

Acupuncture: Fun note: The alliance was originally to be named 'Futurus est Sanguis', but me and SteelRain decided to scrap 'est' - it was a customary for Romans to leave out 'est' when using a participle, as it didn't change the meaning

Mike: Thanks. That is definitely an interesting insight to something I didn't even know about. Futurus Sanguis is currently "at war" with The Unforgiven, care to explain this.

Acupuncture: The matter with The Unforgiven started a long while ago when The Rebellion merged into Futurus Sanguis. One of their players, sithmedic, was on TU's target list because they had suspicions of him infiltrating their alliance and planned on using the information against them in the future. After an altercation with Jaykon - TU's leader - our senate raised their first doubts about TU. A little while later, one of our members accidentally bumped into one of TU's conquests whilst trying to conquer that city himself; I got messaged by Jaykon again, and after my response, things escalated a bit from his side, which caused further disfavour from both me and the Senate.
Gierto - TU member at that time - comming over to our alliance was pretty much the straw that broke the camel's back, and soon after, war was declared upon The Unforgiven. For a more detailed story, feel free to visit one of my forum posts: http://forum.us.grepolis.com/showthread.php?3061-Top-12-Alliances&p=49632#post49632

Mike: Thanks, just trying to give the folks who don't follow the Xi forums a backstory. Moving on, FS has recently merged with Horde Of Zombies and LEGIO XII, what were the main reasons behind these moves? Do you think your alliance can handle the large increase in membership?

Acupuncture: Though it is still a long way from now, the main reason behind the merger was setting up a group that would be fit to win the server once the Era of the World Wonders arrives. On Alpha, I and SteelRain both won the server with a group that had pretty much been around since day one. We are both in the belief that the longer a group works together, the more there will be the feeling of cohesiveness and being a so called 'family'. We figured it would be in the best interest of all alliances involved to merge early on into the server, so that we can still get to know eachother, rather than merging later on in the server and having two seperate alliances operate under one banner.

As for the large increase of members; it may seem like a lot, going from roughly 50 members to almost 120, but all senate members are used to large alliances from Alpha, where the alliance limit was 100. We will be monitoring our members closely, and though it might seem like a large group, I'm more than confident our Senate members are up to the task of leading this alliance to victory

Mike: Thanks, got anything to say before we wrap this up?

Acupuncture: Besides wishing everyone a fun and happy stay at Xi, there's not a lot I'd like to add. Thanks for having me, and I'm looking forward to the first issue of your Newspaper

Mike: Thanks, have a nice day...

P .S I am not taking out those lines -runs away and hides in a cave-[/SPR]
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Funny/Amusing Messages and Profiles

Here is of the funny/amusing messages and profile pages I have found on Xi.

[SPR]Apparently they can't handle just one man...

Quick Draw Pirates

Hi folks,

We have a major problem with*ShowTime7. He is taking our cities with little trouble. He is destroying our alliance even before we can get started. We are still too small to fight back effectively. Many of us are focused on building our city and but not building ships to protect it. I am also at fault of doing this. This leaves only a small portion of us trying to send support to cities when needed but getting wiped out because their support is not enough. This needs to stop and I have a plan to do just that.

To fix this*I am ordering all alliance members to build 50 biremes and 25 light ships immediately. By Sunday I want every member to have 25 each.*By Aug. 7th I want everyone to have 50/25. Around 80 of us are active and if we build the ships by mid next week, we as a whole will have 4000 biremes and 2000 light ships. This is more than enough to block or sink any colony ship that attempts to take one of ours.

I do not like to order anyone to do anything when playing games, as long as you are following the rules, i feel you should play how you like but this is an emergency that needs to be addressed asap and this is the only way to slowdown and even stop*ShowTime7*from doing any more damage. Once we have those built, we can go back to building up our cities and getting conquest. When we get conquest then we can take the fight toShowTime7.


This next one is from the alliance God of Freedom and Peace's profile page
We represent the Good, but will defend any of our loyal pact alliance members.
We do not attack first no matter what! We reward any courageous act of kindness or help. We pride ourselves in actively helping to all our teammates and friendly Alliances. We will only defend and strike back fiercely with all our might to ANY city that attacks us first! We only lead by example! We don't leave any of our loyal brothers/sisters behind.
We are here to spread love, peace, abundance, harmony, freedom, and happiness, because it is contagious. So get in with your brothers and sisters, have fun, and pass it on! Everyone is welcome to our team with our open arms and protection from us.

I find this message amusing because Grepo is a war game, so you should be ready to attack someone. How else are you going to conquer cities?

This last one is a long conversation between Acupuncture and commander of the sea... enjoy!

commander of the sea today at 09:45
hi so one of your players is conquering one of ours. is this you command or is he roge

Acupuncture today at 09:49

Who might this be?



commander of the sea today at 09:52
well accourding to my players its you

^^ That is my favorite part....

commander of the sea today at 09:55
well first off why are you attacking us. 2nd off did you hear of the UWP. 3rd off are we at war?

Acupuncture today at 09:57

First of all, we do not have a NAP or Pact, and this is a war game, not sim city. Therefor I, and the rest of FS, is free to attack you whenever they like to.

Secondly, yes, I heard of it.

And to finish it all off, no, we are not at war, but if you would like to be, I and the rest of FS are hungry for a good fight.



commander of the sea today at 09:59
this is not just a war game its a stragity game. i guess my question is why are you attacking my alliance in particular

Acupuncture today at 10:04

It is a war strategy game, yes. I don't quite see your point there, though, as it both involves conquering others in a way that benefits the conquerer the most.

As for why I am attacking, I already answered your question, I feel no need to rephrase myself.



I enjoy when people ask why they are attacked.... it's a war game!!!

I hope you enjoyed those. If you have any submissions for the next issue, then please submit them to me![/SPR]


This is a short little section created for any player to call out who ever they want...

Acupuncture has no skill, just a big wallet! He's oblivious to how Grepolis should be played

I agree with the previous statement. Acupuncture is a horrible player and I will rim him eventually!
~~~~ Not Mikeg6631

Wow, that guy is gonna get it from Acupuncture. Thankfully I am not him.

Big*Chiefum, the dude photoshopped a mail to make it look like i said terrible stuff about my alliance to him lmao. pathetic dude, he is just doing whatever he can to avoid having his alliance turn into dust.
~~~~ Nycro15 (Founder of Limitless)

I am not sure if that is true but okay...

Well when it comes to Gierto he is a treasonous (lovely painting) in my opinion
~~~ Aywar

A shoutout to the UWP. Tell them it is coming hard and fast.
~~~~~ ShowTime7

Not everyone is into trash talk....

I have no comment at this time. :) I love everyone.

Like the previous section, if you would like to call someone out, message me and I will include it in the next issue(keep it clean though, no personal attacks).

Well that is all from me, I hope you guys enjoyed it. Like I said, it isn't the best, but hey its not like I am getting paid to do this! IF you have, any suggestions or questions, please post them here or pm me.

Thanks to Acupuncture, Atdhe9, Showtime9, Golo, commander of the sea, Nycro15, Lord Gruntie(for being lenient here) and many others.

Credit to Phaedo Sin Khan for images.
P.S If I made any mistakes, please let me know, so I can fix them.
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Eteranl damnation upon you, mikeg, for including those lines:mad:

Now people will know I'm fun to talk to when the clock hits 3AM!:(


Great work mate . Can't +rep you though , have to spread some around .

And The Deadly Tendencies ? Hahahahahha , that was a good one . Thanks for the mention :)


hi all, hows it going
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No problem. Readability is pretty important and I should have thought about that before hand.


Very well done. If I might make a suggestion, maybe a few graphics to add in? It's a little...plain. :p Very well done though, don't get me wrong. The content was spot on.


I agree that it is plain, but I am not really good with images(making them or deciding which to use). That would definitely be something I'd need assistance with.


I agree that it is plain, but I am not really good with images(making them or deciding which to use). That would definitely be something I'd need assistance with.
PM me with some ideas and I can always try. I'd be happy to help.


hi all, hows it going
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Plus rep for that lol made me laugh, and I actually really like the idea. :p