What`s the problem with MRAs?


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Ive played grep on and off for 5+ yrs and the most popular pastime of players (experienced?) in the grep forum has always been MRAs. Why? Are all you lot out there telling me you started grepolis experienced? It seems to be a popular insult to call an alliance a MRA. MRAs serve a useful purpose teaching newbies and as easy farms when learning. So you `experienced` players learn a little humility and remember where you started.



Are MRA's the best way for a player to learn? I would say no.

MRA's generally care about 2 things, their numbers and the leadership, as long as the leadership and their mates can grow thats all they really care about. Theres very little learning goes on in MRA's, very often the leaders are inexperienced themselves and the general players in the alliance are just left to muddle along. Because most MRA's recruitment process is non-existent, with no expectations, the quality of players can be poor, and training and experience they get minimal.

Read a review of the grepo app on play store once..

got this game, build my city and joined an alliance, then they kicked me out and took my city cos i wasnt posting on a forum.. where is even the forum?"
which somes it up really. player recruited with no notice of experience, whether he was just using phone ap, no training given, eaten.. thats mra's for ya.

If you want to learn the game, join a small to medium alliance with some experience where the leaders are willing to teach and develop you (as long as you are willing to listen)

(of course there are some mra's that develop and teach, but they are few and far between)

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The first world I ever joined, years ago, was not really an MRA. Ruled over a couple of oceans and they taught me what I needed to know and I showed that I was learning by taking cities. Thing is though, n00bs have to SHOW that they care, that they want to learn. Having been a founder, a controlling/monitoring leader can see who plays for the game and who plays for themselves.


Technically I believe the effectiveness of a alliance is solely determined by the capabilities of itself as a group, and as seperate units/the leadership. A MRA can actually win a world if you did it right(Since everything about it is opinionated I am pretty sure someone will disagree) but every alliance has it advantages. You dont attack swords with slingers. The same as you dont fight a small elite group as a mra. My first world I was in a alliance with my friends and ended up co founding another alliance that ended up in the top 3(Although not at all by me. I learned quite a bit from them though.)
MRAs are not inherently bad. They do have the highest prevalence of inept leaders, terrible players, simmers, and huggers in the game though. For this reason, I have no issue immediately dismissing MRAs as trash. I find I am right 90% of the time.