What happened to "war"


Well now that NE disbanded DC and others became an MRA inviting them all in.
Im still a little new to this, but what is the point in defeating your enemies if you are just going to turn around and invite them in? I thought this was a war game not the Peace Corps.
MRA's will take in any player regardless of experiance, points, BP etc. So inviting in NE players doesn't make an alliance an MRA.

You are correct this is a war game but looking back through history, when a nation has defeted another, the victor takes the territory and the inhabbitants and prepare for the next war. They don't hunt down every single man women and child, in the whole counrty and butcher them. It is too time consuming, costly and is utterly pointless.

So like in history, here alliances take in those players that have proved themselves on the battle field, so the alliance get their cities and good players who will be assests for them and prepare for the next war.
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I believe in a middle ground, you should grab a few of the best players but you gotta hunt down the simmers and destroy them, if you take the easy way out and invite them they will start to stank up the place and sooner or later you'll have a full blown infestation. KR and DC have done a poor job imo in that regard.


I wonder why you are upset !!!
is it because they wanted nothing to do with your alliance
and here is some cheese to go with your whine