What does the Fox Say?


What does the Fox Say?

Here we ponder the question What does the Fox Say?
Nobody knows!!!
Through our intense wondering we will dominate Tau because we are so smart :D

Direction: Pick NE
Recruitment: THIS IS NOT AN MRA!!!!!!!!
We are looking for active player in our ocean or right next to our ocean. You need to be aggressive and participate in OPs and support. You don't need experience to be part of this alliance because I realize that some people are good starting out and people need a chance to learn. Please message me (until a recruiter is found) explaining why you are a good fit for this alliance.

Pacts/NAPs: We take our pacts seriously and don't pact weak alliances. Pact invitations sent without a message explaining it will be rejected. For NAPs message me and we will consider (needs to be a good explaination).

Founder: Charl
Leaders: mcassassin, Mars Ultima
Member List:
Genimal Ekim
Lord Demi God
Mr. Doctor

For those that are joining:
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General Sen

Umm... the fox barks because it is related to the dog. Just saying. :)


Thanks, yes he was the artist, and it matches my player name and Avatar perfectly.


This is for talk about WDTFS please
Would you like to join machinewolfheart
But he probalbly got it from some render website i am guessing

Mr Doctor

I'm gonna be mad if I'm nowhere near the proper ocean. That's my luck though lol