Well - That Just Happened


Nothing i love more then when a cocky player get's owned. Today that players name is


That sure is some profile. Even better was the aggressiveness in which she nabbed inactive cities and found herself on many red islands. Well friends, most of us are always learning, but some, yes some, are inherently overconfident.

What is the result of this overconfidence? A 26hr period in which almost 30 (actually 29) cities are taken. wounds will be licked, tears will be shed, but remember in grepolis, one player is always just one player. The lesson here is don't get too carried away with yourself. Stay humble and certainly don't spit in the face of those that have built teams of time tested winners across multiple servers.

Back to work on your profile friend. Know that you will be held accountable for your actions in current and previous worlds and I strongly recommend starting to found. You will hence fourth be the queen of rocks.

All that said, and in full disclosure i had no role to play in the last day or so's op. All credit goes to the players that laid the beat down, but I certainly am enjoying the view from the cheap seats.