Wars of Troy

see thats the problem everyone believes bunnies are unbeatble and wont fight them on sieges when you get to the alliances that have teeth let me know
Tell you what, when we are done with chigs, I'll make a special appointment for RB and we can see how well your two branches fair. Until then maybe you should send some attacks and help your allies in chigs. Or worry about beating scrublords.

Id say inactive, scrubs, widows, and The Vii would have some bite. Chigs too and they're getting actives back it seems.


Stealth potatoes war has ended. The respected fighters have been welcomed into our alliance the terrible players we shall finish eating and move onto our next alliance.


PMS vs. all the RA's: 42-0
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PB/AB Vs Honor and Valor aka Drama and Liberal Arts Degrees 5-1 getting pretty quiet over there.

PB/AB Vs. The VII/ The VIII I think we're 5-0 since the war started these guys are worthy opponents. S/O to Stino and Iceman as fighters and Wrily for leading.

PB/AB Vs Vikings Reborn 91-5

PB/AB VS Offensive Language 41-7 Think this speaks for itself

PB/AB Vs CERBERUS 148-13 we are pleased to announce that this war has come to an end. Cerb's best players have joined us.