Wars of Mochlos


Innos constant catering to gold spenders has ruined this game over the years.

This isnt a comment on this world particuarly other than the fact of how small this world is.

Ir should of been the biggest in years cause of the Domination hype.

Body shamers yall have some really good players so this isn't a shot at yall..

But when it comes down to who can spend the most to win a game involves minimal skills compared to auto completes for buildings/units along with constant constant cash crops from events.

When i first started playing this game in 2012 i joined a server late, and wound up somewhere in like ocean 33 or someshit... now, 2 months in.. and we havent even reached the edge of the 4 main core oceans... that alone shows how dead this game is.

Inno did that by adding more and more options to spend gold to gain an advantage.

Skilled players are leaving, and newer players dont stick around because nobody teaches them, they just eat em.. and there not gonna spend money to keep up with someone spending 80 a week when they dont even know what there doing. Theres no incentive to stay, new players play maybe a few weeis than never login again.

All of that included has slowly destroyed this game.

Overall, US servers are dead. Im done with Grep.

In EN server i joined the DOM week and in somewhere in ocean 34 or something... and there's new players expanding the rim every time i loggin. I hope Inno changes some things before thats the next dead server.

But as of now.. the game is dead US servers wise.

Only way i can see myself playing again is if INNO makes a sign up server ( 50$ - 100$ to play? ) and NO GOLD, advisors sure, events why not... GOLD? HELL NO.

Rant over, its been fun but its not anymore.


US Server


I didnt even include half the rim alliances on the EN one... see the difference here?
( I only included the top 12 alliances in this... theres about 20 more alliances with a good amount of active players on the rim you dont see on this map )

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I'm not surprised EN obviously has my players than the US by a lot.


Is it because they're not supposed to talk to trash like us?
Maybe, but it also could be a rule that the alliance leaders have in place. Rule is that if you trash talk on externals or in-game and we find out you will be kicked and rimmed. I have been an alliance like that before it's stupid but it keeps the heat off of your alliance If you dont like heat. Which now thinking about your comment more in depth you basically said what I just said. Lol sorry.


i honestly think Suna007 is the WORST player i've ever seen.... like WOW.... Spamming his little heart out and got like 4BP from trips
and dont get me started on the Fire Ships LMFAO
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oh ya? which teams do you think have a chance to win katane?
In my unbiased opinion, I honestly think that it is up for grabs. The alliances I think will win are YG and CH/SD.

I think between YG and CH/SD they both have a 50/50 shot of winning. YG has the tightest core with 20+ 100% allied islands AND many of the rocks filled in. If they keep a solid core of at least 40 by wonders they have a good chance of winning. CH/SD has a close second of 100% islands but they are in an ocean with Profi who does plan on owning at least half of the ocean come WW which would cut a chunk out of their core. They do also have some fat to cut in the future which YG doesn't entirely have but their core is away from all other alliances so I think at this point it is a 50/50 between the 2.

Profi doesn't have the numbers for wonders so they would just stall if anything. Pigs has the most 100% islands in the world and a strong leadership, but with the amount of dead weight they are carrying it will be impossible for them to win. They have 4 alliances, yes, but with the lack of participation throughout the alliances they won't win. The only way I can see IE winning is if they figure out how to make a core because y'all are all over the place and have only 7 100% allied islands. They also have a good percent of players who are just simming and will need to be cut.

Just my thoughts, you can agree or disagree


chudd asked my opinion of how the world will end in the Mochlos externals. I gave him an answer back, no need for other argument