Wars of Katane

Joseph Nieves

Let's see I think the score is 9-0 against LEX now:

Lady Mad lost one
Manus lost one
tphcanada lost one (got kicked while CS was wet)
1iceman1 lost one
invinoveritas lost two
tadanokami lost one
Knichel lost one
Nouadhibou lost one (got kicked during siege)

Or 7-0 if players getting kicked before they can lose the city doesn't count.

Also PD leads 2-1 against LEX. Lex leads the Sons of Zeus MRA 3-0. Get to it Tbom!

Lady De Carla

I mean we still haven't lost a city, the numbers are still going to make us look good because of that.

U missed 2 important statistics in your "Report":p. All but 2 of your cqs on us were inactives whom LEX would have internalized within a week...and you guys have lost many many more sieges on LEX than we have on you...
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